5 Day Return Policy & Restocking Fee Policy:

The Standard Restocking Fee is 30% unless otherwise published. Details below:

Damaged Merchandise Return Policy: 
When you receive Tabeek Medical merchandise from the shipping company, please examine it carefully. If you receive a damaged box, examine the contents immediately and refuse the delivery if the merchandise is damaged. If, after accepting the product you discover damaged merchandise, please call 1-800-694-6771 or email us at returns@tabeekmedical.com to report the damage. A product replacement will be sent out at no additional charge. You will normally be instructed to return the damaged product to the manufacturer at the manufacturer’s expense. But first, Tabeek Medical will need to issue you a Return Authorization Number and a specific return shipping address. The return shipping address varies. We have warehouses all over the country. Most manufacturers issue return-call-tags, but some do not. Occasionally, a manufacturer will request that you discard a product if it is damaged beyond repair. The manufacturer may not want the product back, and under this ”rare” circumstance, it is Tabeek Medical policy that it will be the customer's responsibility to discard or recycle the product at a local waste management facility. We ask however, that all customers wait for instructions from Tabeek Medical before discarding any product. The customer must have the product in possession to prove that damage has occurred in order to initiate a damaged merchandise return. Occasionally a manufacturer will make changes to a product shown online at Tabeekmedical.com; Tabeek Medical is not responsible for minor manufacturing / manufacturer design changes that may occur with a product. Tabeek Medical is not responsible for slight variations in color that may exist in certain products.

NON-Damaged Merchandise Return Policy:
Products cannot be returned if they have been used, soiled, or if the packaging is destroyed. The product must be in new, resalable condition.
Please check merchandise when received and report any damage to the shipping company and to Tabeek Medical within 48 hours. All returned products require a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Without an RA# clearly marked on the outside of the box, returned products will be refused and returned to the sender.

Exchange Policy:
The Tabeek Medical Exchange process requires that we follow these 4 steps: 
1. The customer must place a new order for the new size, new color, or replacement item that is desired.
2. Email: returns@tabeekmedical.com to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and return shipping address for the product you would like to return. The return address varies, so please wait for instructions before shipping the item back to one of our designated warehouses.
3. After receiving your RA# and a warehouse shipping address, you must then mail or ship your return-item back to the designated return warehouse.
4. After the returned item has been received and processed by the designated return warehouse, your credit card will then be credited (minus any applicable restocking fees).

Hygiene Products are Non-Returnable:
Hygiene products which relate to personal hygiene and self care are generally non-returnable. Hygiene products, toileting products, bathroom products, body braces, foam cushions, wheelchair cushions, stockings, splints and products that come in contact with the body; cannot be returned - they are single use patient items. No hygiene product can be returned if the package has been opened per Public Health Policy and per Tabeek Medical Policy.
Email: returns@tabeekmedical.com to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#).
Tabeek Medical Phone#: 800-694-6771
Products ordered and then refused by a customer at their address or returned without contacting Tabeek Medical for a Return Authorization Number will incur an automatic 50% re-stocking fee; unless you have been authorized by Tabeek Medical customer service to refuse delivery of the product.

The Tabeek Medical standard restocking fee is 30% unless otherwise published.  

Unauthorized Product Returns - Restocking Fees: 
Unauthorized Returns are essentially products which are returned to a Tabeek Medical Distribution Center without a Return Authorization (RA) number. Unauthorized Product Returns are very costly because the product may not be returnable/acceptable by the distribution partner, the product may have been sent to an incorrect distribution center location, or the referenced product may be outside of it's allowable return time-frame window. In light of these factors, Tabeek Medical reserves the right to charge a 50% restocking fee for an Unauthorized Product Return. However, if the manufacturer refuses delivery of an unauthorized return, no refund will be issued to the customer. Please contact Tabeek Medical and obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number, prior to mailing a product back to a service center location. Tabeek Medical reserves the right to refuse delivery of product(s) which do not have a Return Authorization (RA) number clearly listed on the outside of the package.

Returns Not Accepted on Under $20 items: 
Tabeek Medical does not accept returns on items that cost less than $20. We have implemented this return policy on low-price items because it simply costs our company too much to accept returns on these items. We have very small margins on these "low-cost" items and to accept returns on small items, we would incur operational losses which are impossible for the company to absorb if it is to stay in business and continue serving patients, clients, and customers. Of course, we will always accept a return on items which are defective or damaged during shipment.

Return Instructions: 
If you decide you need to return an item that meets the criteria for return, we are happy to help you through the return process. You will need to obtain a Return Authorization number from us. You will then need to coordinate shipping the products back to a warehouse address that we have provided. It's really a simple process. Please use the following steps to help us take care of you!
1. To receive your Return Authorization number, please send an e-mail to returns@tabeekmedical.com or give us a call at (800) 694-6771. Be prepared to tell us:
A. Your Order Number (found in the email invoice confirmation)
B. Name of the Product and Quantity you would like to return

We will honor your return so long as the date of your e-mail or call is within 5 days of the date of your purchase. Unless we sent you the wrong merchandise, you will be responsible for return shipping charges. There are a few items which are non-returnable secondary to federal law and vendor restrictions. See the specific non-returnable item list below.
2. Upon receipt of your e-mail or speaking with you, we'll promptly give you a Return Authorization number and the shipping address of the vendor or manufacturer warehouse. (The return shipping address does vary with each product - so be sure to inquire about the proper address to use.) Remember to email us @ returns@tabeekmedical.com
3. We cannot accept any package without a Return Authorization number on the outside label of the package!
4. For your protection, return the merchandise via a traceable form of shipping (UPS, FedEx, USPS with Delivery Confirmation, etc.) in new, resalable condition; containing (in New Condition) all of the manufacturers' original packaging, accessories, warranties, instruction manuals, etc. As a precaution, you may want to purchase shipping insurance - because we are not responsible for product damages incurred during the return of a shipment.
5. Once the product has been received by the Tabeek Medical vendor or manufacturer-warehouse, we will credit your bankcard/credit card, minus any applicable re-stocking fees. Please allow approximately four weeks for the credit to appear on your credit card statement.
6. There are return policy exceptions which apply to the sale of the items listed below. Please see the section listed below to read about return policy exceptions.

Vendors and Manufacturers who do not allow product returns. Below is the list of non-returnable items and manufacturers who do not accept returns:
1. Lift Chairs - (cannot be returned - special order item)
2. Hospital Beds - (cannot be returned - special order item)
3. Custom Wheelchairs - (cannot be returned - special order item)
4. Overlay Mattresses (which overlays on a bed) -- (cannot be returned)
5. Bed Mattresses - (cannot be returned - special order item)
6. Scooters - (cannot be returned - special order item)
7. Patient Lifts - (cannot be returned - special order item)
8. Hoyer Lifts - (cannot be returned - special order item)
9. Hygiene products / Toileting products / Bathroom products / body braces / foam cushions / wheelchair cushions (used) / stockings / splints / products that come in contact with the body - (cannot be returned - they are single use patient items). Cross-Contamination Law is enforced.

Additionally Tabeekmedical.com cannot accept returns on any product that has been worn on a human body. Items such as hand splints, heel protectors, stockings, neoprene wraps, foam cushions, and bed-overlay mattresses are single-use patient items and cannot be returned because of state and federal laws preventing such.

For all product return request's, the customer has 30 days from the delivery date, to contact Tabeekmedical.com. Tabeek Medical will then contact the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair the damaged or defective product in one of three ways:

1. The manufacturer may send you out a replacement part to repair the malfunction,
2. The manufacturer may send out a service technician to assist in the repair,
3. The manufacturer may issue a return authorization number and have the product returned to the factory.

Lift chairs and scooters are special order items. Lift Chairs, scooters, and Hospital Beds cannot be returned just because they do not match the customer's satisfaction (i.e. color). They may only be repaired or returned @ the manufacturers discretion. All written product warranties will be honored by the product manufacturer.
Tabeek Medical Parts Replacement Policy:
Tabeek Medical reserves the right to refer the customer to the actual product manufacturer when replacement parts are needed. Tabeek Medical will provide its customers with manufacturer contact information and when directed by Tabeek Medical to do so, the customer will need to speak directly with the product manufacturer in order to obtain replacement parts that were mistakenly omitted from a shipment, damaged during shipment, or to replace parts that malfunction while covered by a manufacturers warranty.
Manufacturer's Warranty Policy / Tabeek Medical Warranty Policy:
Tabeek Medical supports it's customers by offering manufacturer contact information for warranty claims with the product manufacturer. Customers should complete and mail-in the warranty support card on each manufacturer warrantied product purchased. Tabeek Medical is happy to assist customers with manufacturer contact information, address, e-mail, phone numbers, and if the need arises, we will directly contact the product manufacturer to assist you with direct warranty support. The manufacturer will normally require that the customer ship the product back to a distribution facility for the product to be evaluated. Once an item has been deemed to be defective by the manufacturer within the warrantable time period, a new replacement product will be shipped from the manufacturers’ warehouse. If a Tabeek Medical customer requires or requests replacement of a warrantied item before the return of the originally purchased item has occurred, then Tabeek Medical will require that the customer purchase the replacement item at full retail price. Once shipment verification is confirmed that the warrantied item has been received at the Returns Warehouse, then a full credit card refund of the warrantied replacement item will be credited back to the customers’ credit card account. If a product manufacturer enters bankruptcy or if the product manufacturer goes entirely out of business, then Tabeek Medical is not responsible for the manufacturers warranty. A manufacturers warranty is just that: a warranty provided and supported by the manufacturer, not the merchant Tabeekmedical.com.
Disclaimer Regarding Website Errors:
We make every effort to ensure that descriptions, dimensions, pictures and prices are accurate in our database. Should a pricing error arise we will make every attempt to inform the customer. However, Tabeek Medical reserves the right to supply or not to supply a product. Products may vary slightly in design and/or color from the illustrations and are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to change without notice.